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slideimg Hi. My name is VIAROOM Smart I’m here to help you automate your home, so you can enjoy more free time. And save energy. Flip right to see some cool things I can do for you !
slideimg Lights I automate your light bulbs based on your habits, switch them on and off, set the ambient colors and dimming just like you expect them. Relax and forget about the lights, i’m here for that.
slideimg Heating I increase your comfort by setting the right temperature in every room. Your home will always be warm for breakfast. I also help you save energy when you’re not at home.
slideimg Shutters I open your shutters when you wake up and gradually close them at sunset. In the week-ends, I make sure sunlight doesn’t wake you up, if that’s what you wish.
slideimg Alarm service I help you increase your security. Your home will always be safe and I instantly remind you if you forgot to close the garage door. I can do much more ! Let me tell you how…
Pair your devices
Connect your devices and hubs to your VIAROOM account.
I’ll take care of the rest.
slideimg I'm learning In less than 2 days I’ll start automating things around you. Manage your scenes with My Scenes. op2
slideimg Control your devices Remote control your devices while away. op2
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